Feng Shui to Sell a House

Teresa offers specific consultations if you want Feng Shui to Sell a House. Please fill out her request form to set up a time to discuss your project. With over 20 years as a Feng  Shui Expert, Teresa is knowledgable in all 12 Schools of Feng Shui. Find out why she is considered such an expert in her field. You may try other Feng Shui Experts, but she is the Feng Shui Expert who will help you sell your house or business, most often with simple changes to your existing design.

“There’s a check list I follow when helping people sell their homes, using Chinese Feng Shui. There are 12 Schools of Feng Shui and I am conversant in all 12. I lean toward the Lo Shu, Compass, and Form Schools, but find that the other schools are helpful when these cannot be applied. Using the Feng Shui Bagua, a template to organize intentions, you can raise the value of a property by creating an aura of well-being, efficiency, and joy! Most people want the combination of feeling good and getting value for their investment.”

Contact Teresa for more information.


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