Feng Shui Wisdom

Eager to get started? Complete this FENG SHUI CONSULTATION Request Application. Otherwise, get comfortable to explore the information here in this website. Feng Shui Consultations help you with design projects at home or for a commercial endeavor. Today there are many different types of feng shui advisors, but you want to make sure you are working with a true professional who has years and years of field experience.

Ready? Let’s begin. So, how did feng shui come about?

Thousands of years ago, the early feng shui masters used what is now called, The Form School of Feng Shui to increase the success of their agricultural efforts, ie, where to plant crops. This led to where to place a home or shop to ensure the healthy of residents or guests. Pythagoras studied these formulas which the Chinese used, especially the Lo Shu square, which looks like a tic-tac-toe board. This Lo Shu square became another “school” of feng shui.

Today there are more than 12 schools of thought. Teresa knows them all. Form, Lo Shu, Compass, Black Hat (BTB), Flying Stars, Four Pillars, Intuitive, Modern, Transcendental, Bagua, etc. Knowing all these schools is helpful since every location is a bit different, clients are different, and so this makes Teresa a great consultant because she is both so knowledgeable, as well as intuitive.