Feng Shui Rules

This venerable art of placement has very specific rules to enhance your life. There are too many to list, but this is where your Feng Shui Expert comes in. Ms. Foxworthy will review all aspects of your home or office, garden or building, etc., and apply all the Feng shui Rules which need to be addressed. Using a simple check list, these various rules will be followed in a sequential order, based on value and priority.

Topics include: Feng Shui Basics, Feng Shui Bedroom, Feng Shui Bed Placement, Feng Shui Kitchen, Feng Shui Living Room, Feng Shui Office, Feng Shui Bagua, Feng Shui Map, Feng Shui Decorating, Feng Shui Bedroom Colors.

One size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to Feng Shui. Performing calculations based on your birth date, and applied with compass directions, correlating colors, shapes, and related features, your home will be filled with solutions which pertain to you and your family, staff, guests, or visitors.

What works for one person or family isn’t guaranteed to work for yours! Or, vice versa!