Feng Shui House

Whether you live in an apartment or large estate, the best time to get a feng shui consultation is BEFORE you sign the lease, to determine if you will truly be happy there. The doors, room assignments, neighborhood, and all the usual criteria apply. Feng Shui contributes more in-depth insight into what makes a location work or not for any individual, family or group.

As a design person, I also help as a Color Consultant, using feng shui or Western color theory, we’ll identify the best colors for you, based on your criteria. So, before we do any feng shui, I send you an application to complete which will get us started on the right track for your objectives.

House blessings, space clearing, and organizing are also services which are offered for residential projects.

Discover your best compass directions, avert any negative energy, determine which areas of an abode are “your” spots, find solutions for sanctuary problems, ensure a good night sleep and support your work-life balance goals.

Contact me to get started.