Feng Shui House

Whether you live in an apartment or large estate, the best time to get a feng shui consultation is BEFORE you sign the lease, to determine if you will truly be happy there. The doors, room assignments, neighborhood, and all the usual criteria apply. Feng Shui contributes more in-depth insight into what makes a location work or not for any individual, family or group.

As a design person, I also help as a Color Consultant, using feng shui or Western color theory, we’ll identify the best colors for you, based on your criteria. So, before we do any feng shui, I send you an application to complete which will get us started on the right track for your objectives.

House blessings, space clearing, and organizing are also services which are offered for residential projects.

Discover your best compass directions, avert any negative energy, determine which areas of an abode are “your” spots, find solutions for sanctuary problems, ensure a good night sleep and support your work-life balance goals.


FENG SHUI is an approach to INTERIOR DESIGN. Feng Shui is more than creating ambience & interior decorating; it addresses much more than just colors, shapes, and styles. The Feng Shui Bagua, a “tic-tack-toe-like template”, is conceived as a reflection of Heaven & Earth  harmony. If you would like to create sanctuary in your home or place of business, then you will find Feng Shui wisdom of interest.

Feng Shui focuses on “healthy chi flow”, the idea that fresh air can comfortably meander throughout your home or property. Contemporary interior design and decorating have a lot to learn from this ancient Chinese approach to domestic or commercial environments, including architecture and landscapes. It includes sustainability, design, and interpersonal harmony. Creating a welcoming space per your sensibilities, with consideration for your visitors as well as other residents, is most logical for good relations and well-being.



Whether you have a tiny apartment or a grand estate, a small business or a multi-acre resort, Teresa will address site selection, color choices, furniture arrangement & art placements, ambience appropriate for a given space, and remedies for awkward spaces. FENG SHUI ELEGANCE focuses on more sophisticated residential ideas.



As you know, restful sleep is imperative for optimum health & well-being. If you have to start with just one area of your home or design, choose the place where people rest and build around that. Social focal points are important but getting proper rest, whether waking or sleeping is the key to having happy campers. First, feel which color is best for you.

While feng shui ideas include designated colors based on natural elements, like, wood (health/greens), fire (recognition/reds), water (life path/blues), metal (creativity/metallics), & earth (wisdom/beiges), your intuition is needed to make it perfect for you. This is why we work together to get the right “feng shui” for you. First we’ll talk about the best bedroom colors for you. This sets the literal tone of your space.



Do you have a stale air about your home or business? Feng Shui Wisdom can help. We use both ancient and contemporary techniques to clear and bless your space. We can do this ceremonially or in a strictly perfunctory manner. Ceremonies usually last an hour or two, depending on the size of your home or business. Feel the peace & clarity of a freshly cleared home or building, lot or resort. You know as soon as you arrive if it feels right or not. We can help you make your space feel right, right away. Whether you want a house clearing or house blessing,



Our FENG SHUI packages focus on interior decorating, with auspicious results. Opt for a 2-10 hour consultation every month or two, until you & your team feel just right in your space. This will ensure that others feel comfortable visiting. Begin with a two-hour consultation to survey the scope of the project. Designate regular consultations to stay on point with your ambient goals. Custom Reference Manual option available so you can easily refer to topics we discuss and notes from our recommendations.

As you promote a sense of well-being in your different rooms, whether you feng shui bedroom ideas or feng shui living room ideas, day spas, medical clinics, chiropractic offices, yoga studios, housing development, mixed use parcels, and just about any place you can mention, you are helping yourself and others maximize their time and benefits by being there.

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