Feng Shui Case Studies

In my 20+ years of “Feng Shui” design consulting, I have seen some wonderful results with my clients. While this “art of placement” is not a panacea for all of life’s challenges, you can see significant changes as soon as you start cleaning up your space.


We relocated his bedroom from the basement to the top floor, and the next week, he made $20k in the stock market.



We provided “Feng Shui” wisdom for their computer tower and their sales increased by 20%.



We helped a single mom with 3 teenagers as they moved into a new home. By addressing each person’s bedroom, and the collective “man cave” for the boys and their friends, harmony was restored to this family.



Clearing out a storage unit helped him focus as he moved from one continent to another, using feng shui principles to stay organized. He quickly succeeded in growing his business in another country.



Using “Feng Shui” principles, this pain relief counselor became well-known as an expert in pain relief. She is still very much sought after.



Using “Feng Shui” Colors helped one chiropractor increase his business and soon moved up to a larger, more successful space. Another chiropractor used the room assignments to grow his business from a small practice to a large consulting firm.


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