Feng Shui Expert – California

Feng Shui Consultant ~ California

Teresa Ann Foxworthy and Master Foo

Do you want to feel more harmony in your environment?

Do you crave that “spa” or “sanctuary” feeling at home or your place of business?

Do you have a design project and need some insight as to the best layout of rooms, furnishings, and landscape?

Have you noticed the impact of any space on your mood or well-being?

The right ambience can actually make you feeling better.

Have you heard of FENG SHUI? It’s about creating a veritable sanctuary for your home or office with guidelines for interior decorating, including bedroom ideas, living room ideas, and other home decorating tips. Feng Shui offers auspicious wisdom to improve your relationship with your home or place of business. Feng Shui also can clear out or organize a space if there’s some stale energy or clutter that is diminishing the appeal of a residential or commercial location.



Teresa is lead designer, having completed 20+ years as a Master Feng Shui Consultant. Her clients include: Sun MicroSystems, Tamalpais Pain Clinic, San Diego Chiropractic, San Francisco Chinatown Society, Hearst Designs, and other residential & commercial projects.

She uses all 12 Feng Shui Schools to ensure you have the most comprehensive consultation possible.  Teresa has the most comprehensive approach to design and decorating with her Feng Shui Wisdom approach, offering Feng Shui Elegance consultations to estate owners & Spa Feng Shui consultations for commercial or wellness projects.

If you require an in-person consultation, Teresa is often available in these California areas ~

San Clemente

San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose

San Rafael

Saint Helena

Santa Barbara

Santa Clara

Santa Cruz

Santa Monica

Santa Rosa




Call or email us today for more information or to schedule your complimentary appointment and get acquainted with our programs. Begin your journey to optimum wellness & well-being with FENG SHUI WISDOM. Decorate your estate with FENG SHUI ELEGANCE. Make today the day you choose ambient health & auspicious happiness. The environments in which we spend most of our time has the greatest impact upon us. Create a sanctuary for your people.


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