Feng Shui Design Consultant




Whether you have a tiny apartment or a grand estate, a small business or a multi-acre resort, Teresa will address site selection, color choices, furniture arrangement & art placements, ambience appropriate for a given space, and remedies for awkward spaces. FENG SHUI ELEGANCE focuses on more sophisticated residential ideas.

“FENG SHUI ELEGANCE, INT’L. began one day when I was cleaning out my closets on 4th of July. A friend happened to stop by and suggested I study feng shui if I didn’t want to spend my holidays in the closet!

At the time I was doing a lot of Life Coaching and discovered most of my Life Coaching clients needed to “feng shui” their homes, their hearts, & their lives. And most of my “feng shui” clients, needed some Life Coaching to better manage their time & goals.

Soon enough, I was doing design consulting for spa resorts, clinics, yoga studios, and such, which is how Spa Feng Shui was born. This was very exciting for me as I love to meditate and “creating sanctuary with feng shui” seemed like the perfect combination.

Now, I have worked with clients from around the world, doing residential, commercial, and life coaching feng shui design consulting.”

The ancient Chinese recognized that harmony comes from balance. Balance refers to the right rations of each element: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, & Wood. These sages realized that the world is a composite of these five elements and all we really need do is balance the presence of these in our environments, and invite a healthy circulation of through our homes, offices or other location.

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