Space Clearing & Home Blessings

Imagine the fresh air at the beach. The air is clear and you feel blest! Now, consider your home or office. Do you have a stale air or feel a heaviness there?

FengShui Wisdom can help. We use both ancient and contemporary techniques to clear and bless your space. We can do this ceremonially or in a strictly perfunctory manner. Ceremonies usually last an hour or two, depending on the size of your home or business.

Feel the peace & clarity of a freshly cleared home or building, lot or resort. You know as soon as you arrive if it feels right or not. We can help you make your space feel right, right away. Whether you want a house clearing or house blessing, we are available for your location.

Whether you are addressing a private or public property, there are a couple Feng shui Services which can dramatically shift the energy of your location for you, other residents, guests, staff, et al. 



The ritual of space clearing helps eradicate any stuck or stale energy in or around your location. This is useful to create an environment which entices healthy “chi” to dwell with you, thus bringing more blessings into your life. Some reasons people choose a Space Clearing ~

  • Someone has lost their life in the space
  • Previous residents divorced or lost their jobs
  • Previous residents had health problems
  • Animals create a problem somehow
  • Neighboring residents pose a challenge
  • Harsh, heavy, or negative energy is felt in the space



Home Blessings and Building Inaugurations can help keep the residents or guests of a location happy, healthy, and prosperous. As studies have shown the effects of water affected by energy, thoughts, and words, like plants, we can also affect spaces by blessing or creating rituals which raise the vibrational frequency of said location. Sound, objects, prayers, lights, aromas, and colors all can be used in this way for this purpose.