Stuck at Home? Redecorating during Covid-19 Quarantine

It’s Springtime! And if you are feeling anxious to move around, take stock of your home decor & room assignments. Make the most of these weeks or months by addressing your home, its colors, furnishings, theme, motifs, art work, and even room assignments. Our design consultant has some inspiration for you:

“First clear all clutter, one room or closet at a time.

“Then, start with your home’s theme. What is your favorite period of art history? Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Favorite colors? Motifs? What destination is on top of your Bucket List? There are endless ways for thematic development.

“Next, decide which activities occupy most of your time and assign the largest rooms or areas to activities.

“After that, be sure your art is inspiring happy, healthy & productive thoughts & feelings.

“This ought to keep you busy for a while, but let me know how I can help.”