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Do you have a commercial location which requires a soothing atmosphere? SPA FENG SHUI is a consulting service for wellness & contemplative places, like medical clinics, housing developments, yoga studios, resorts, and wellness centers. AXIS AVANTE GROUP , our parent company, offers design consulting using traditional Feng Shui principles as well as contemporary design guidelines to create an award-winning environment at your place of business. With our design wisdom, we weave together the right colors, styles, amenities, and focal points for you, your staff, and your residents or guests.

Our SPA FENG SHUI consultations are geared for locations where wellness & well-being are the focus: yoga studios, chiropractic offices, medi-spas, community clinics, therapeutic centers, retreat centers, wellness centers, spa resorts, day spas, leisure resorts, meditation centers, and such all benefit from a “sanctuary design”, so the moment someone walks through the door, they feel at peace. And the longer they stay, the more relaxed they feel and thus the healthier they become.

As the first SPA FENG SHUI consultant in North America, I have been studying healthy chi flow for over 20 years. Combined with my tenure in Corporate America, refining customer service practices, developing conceptual designs for marketing campaigns, and assisting estate owners & theatrical productions with color schemes, I would LOVE to help you create an award-winning wellness center where your guests will return again and again.

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