Feng Shui Bedroom

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One of the most popular Google searches in feng shui these days is “feng shui bedroom”. And it’s not surprising with the high divorce rate in so many places: Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Luxembourg, Estonia, Cuba, France, Lithuania, the USA, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Austria, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Finland, the European Union, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Kuwait, New Zealand, Ukraine, & the Dominican Republic. These have 40% or higher rates. These people know they are entering into a risky business when they say, “I do”. But not in Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Chile, Vietnam, Guatemala, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Colombia, the Seychelles, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, China, El Salvador, Croatia, Thailand, St. Lucia, Italy, Greece, Bermuda, Venezuela, Poland, Panama, Singapore, Romania, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, and many others who have less than 40% divorce rate.

So what are you going to do to improve your odds. First, get a Dating Coach to make sure you learn the best strategies for building a good relationship. And then if you need help with your marriage, you can hire a leading-edge Couples Coach to address your particular issues. But even before all of that, you can use feng shui principles for your interior design today! To feng shui your bedroom, you’ll want to consult a feng shui consultant about where & how to place the bed, what kind of mattress, artwork, your best feng shui colors, using your feng shui compass directions & the feng shui bagua as reference. You’ll want to know which furnishings, flooring, and accents will create the aura of Love for you & your beloved.

For over 20 years, I ‘ve been helping individual & couples with feng shui bedroom & relationship advice. This is where I excel: creating sanctuary for Love & helping couples relationship advice & feng shui wisdom. Dating and marriage, taking and renewing marriage vows, premarital counseling and deciding to marry, love advice, marriage counseling, these considerations are all related to how comfortable you are at home & in your bedroom specifically. It’s a lot easier to be gracious if you discover the bedroom ideas founded on thousands of years of research, study, and testing. Of all the beds in the world, which one should you have & why? There are a variety of bed sizes. Which one is best for you?

Feng Shui is about more than home decor because it is based on energy medicine which is not always obvious. Your decorating ideas may be shallow in nature compared to the depth of nourishment a space with “good feng shui” will offer you & your family. You know when you walk into any bedroom, you either feel enchanted or indifferent, or worse.

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

How do you feel when you walk into your bedroom?

How do you feel your beloved likes it when she or he enters?

Does it foster good sleep? Romance?

Have you explored a variety of bedroom sets before you decided upon one?

Is your bedroom furniture immediately pleasing upon entering the room?

The feng shui bedroom colors which work for you & your beloved are usually ones which balance your elements. The position of the bed must support healthy chi in you, your beloved, and your bedroom. The lighting, bedding, decor, art, and other considerations are all part of a Feng Shui Bedroom Consultation.

Listen to what my clients say:

“I hadn’t had a date for six months, and after one consultation, I had three dates in one week! You are amazing, Teresa!”  – MR, Research Scientist, Redwood City, CA

“It’s only been 6 months and I’m engaged! I could not have done it without you. Our wedding invitation is in the mail. I want you there!” – SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

“What magic you have done! I love my new sense of self! You really brought us closer. You have so much wisdom! We’re so happy together.” – SW, High School Principal, Seattle, WA


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